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Cool Mat Dog Bed

Our Cool Mat dog bed is fabricated of durable canvas with a Mat design, it is a valuable place for your dog to lay and is additionally first-class for comfortable sleep. The croupier design makes this is an excellent bed for sweet little dogs, the Cool Mat also comes with a cot and a tray for eating in peace.

Canine Cooler Dog Bed

This canine cooler dog bed is enticing for dogs who desire to Cool off in between drinks or snacks, the elevated cooling off rate is fantastic for fending off the heat and the breathable mesh fabric makes it effortless to clean. This electric cooling dog bed is an enticing solution for a hot dog or kangaroo when you have a pet who loves the ice cold water outside, the soft and comfortable electric Cool bed will keep your pet Cool and comfortable in the summer. This Cool Mat is manufactured of silicone and made of using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, it is top-of-the-heap for keeping your dog warm and Cool in summer. The dog bed cooling Mat is fantastic for a Cool atmosphere in your home when the sun is on the horizon, this Mat is manufactured of 100% renewable resources and is produced of lightweight fabric that does not cause any fatigue for your dog. The Mat is additionally non-toxic and presents a safe and facile to handle instructions.